About Jessie

I’m Jessie, a photographer that specializes in children’s portrait photography. Although I used to just be another mom with a camera in my hand, I’ve been slowly taking my hobby to the next level into a business. My kids are relieved to not have the camera pointed at them for a change!

My love of photography started in 2001, right when I was graduating from Converse College with a BA in Psychology. I had taken up scrapbooking as a new hobby. I quickly realized that it is not much fun to scrapbook bad photos. I challenged myself to learn how to use my simple point and shoot camera to get better pictures.

I’ve enjoyed learning about all the different aspects of portrait photography over the years. I was fortunate enough to be employed at The Picture People portrait studios at Westgate Mall before they closed in February of 2006. Since then, I’ve honed my skills by mentoring with several photographers around the country, and of course, practicing non-stop.

Above all, I’m a wife to Brian first, a mom to Jaina, Jayce, and Jocelyn second, and a photographer third.

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