Jocelyn’s Boyfriend

When my good friend Danielle found out she was expecting a baby boy, our family was thrilled! Why? Well, Danielle’s husband just happens to be MY husband’s best friend. Their family is our family. Danielle was due roughly 4 weeks after my due date with unknown gender baby #3.

Danielle and I even planned to use the same doula to attend our births. Four weeks is a large gap and there was no way that we were having babies on the same day.

Funny thing about those babies though…. they tend to come when they want to 🙂

On January 24th, Danielle found out that due to blood pressure and pre-eclampsia concerns, she must be induced the next day with her baby boy. Logan was welcomed into this world, all 10 lbs and 11 ounces of him, on January 25th. As soon as my doula got home from attending her birth, my water broke. My baby was almost 2 weeks late by this point. Jocelyn arrived the next day on the 26th.

Only time will tell whether or not Logan and Jocelyn will be best friends or betrothed partners.

While Danielle’s parents were in town, she asked me to come to her home and capture Logan with his grandparents.

Two sharp looking dudes in their suits!

Logan loves his grandma!

All smiles for mommy 🙂

Logan has “the smolder” look down pat.

Sleepy Logan worn out from his photography session.

I can’t wait for our babies to grow up together 🙂

About smilindown

Boiling Springs, South Carolina Children's Photographer
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1 Response to Jocelyn’s Boyfriend

  1. Kellie Honea says:

    Looks like things are doing great with you & your photography!!! Happy New Year!

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